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NGB Distribution Center offers A-Class Warehouses from 1,000-10,000q.meters The property has private access to railway, ideal for distribution and logistic and production compani...

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Warehouse Market



ID Logistics, a new player on the Romanian logistics market

French logistics provider ID Logistics, with over 1 billion euros of business last year, entered the Romanian market, taking over the management of a warehouse of 60,000 square meters for the Carrefour retailer.

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CTP wins ‘Best Warehouse Development and Developer’ and ‘Best Leadership’ awards in 2017

CTP, the leading premium industrial parks developer and long-term manager in Romania and Central and Eastern Europe, was awarded with two important distinctions by an international publication, at the most prestigious gala dedicated to the Romanian real estate market.

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ROCKWOOL Group to open its first Romanian stone wool factory in Ploiesti West Park

The ROCKWOOL Group is investing approximately 50 million euros in a stone wool plant that will create around 150 direct jobs and another 300 indirectly for services and logistics.

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Local Businesses - Interview with Bogdan Bădiță, Chircu Prod-Impex SRL, Ploiești

Industrial market in Bucharest has increased ten times in the last 13 years, according to real estate pundits, being also followed by the impressive growth of the industrial regional hubs in the country, mainly Timisoara, Ploiesti and Cluj-Napoca. In the end of the first half of 2016, the modern stock of industrial and logistics spaces outside Bucharest exceeded Bucharest stock with nearly 30 pct., showed a study published by DTZ. Ploiesti registered the third industrial area in Romania, more than 250,000 square metres of industrial space, being only exceeded by Bucharest and Timisoara.

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RA-RA Group Brasov – A Portrait of a Local Multi-Segmented Real Estate Company

Ra-Ra Group of Companies is present on the central Romania market as a top company in the field of real estate development and management, which built in Brasov County a modern business infrastructure known both locally and nationally.

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Date Business Center Tenant m2 Agency
2017 Q4 TRC PARC CLUJ Cargo-Partner 2700 Cushman & Wakefield Echinox
2017 Q4 P3 Bucharest E Van Wijk 13900
2017 Q3 CTPark Bucharest West DSV 90000
2017 Q2 WDP Park Pitesti (Oarja) CEVA Logistics 50000 BNP Paribas Real Estate

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LEED for industrial buildings

Historically, the perception has been that only build-to-suit office projects were eligible for LEED certification because industrial projects, many of which are speculative, were unable to fit into the narrow certification criteria. However, with USGBC’s multitiered approach to evaluation, industrial developers now have a valuable tool kit for obtaining this sought-after status. The LEED program has four distinct certification levels based on a 69-point rating system. The system evaluates sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, indoor environmental quality, and LEED innovation credits. The certification levels for LEED construction include LEED Certified (26-32 points), LEED Certified Silver (33-38 points), LEED Certified Gold (39-51 points), and LEED Certified Platinum (52-69 points). The rating system is significant to industrial developers because its emphasis on mechanical systems -- such as heating, ventilating, and air conditioning -- typically is confined to large indoor environments with a higher density of employees. While industrial developers initially dismissed the option of earning certification points, attaining a LEED-Certified or LEED-Certified Silver designation for a spec industrial building is possible through the introduction of other sustainable building features and construction methods. Employing these classifications as a template for constructing a green industrial facility allows for an a la carte approach to development, based on managing the design and construction process with the ultimate goal of achieving a specific certification level. As with any development project, experience and planning are paramount to this strategy’s proper implementation, as installing individual sustainable features in a cost-effective and efficient manner requires an understanding of the different product types. For example, waterless urinals typically are not installed in spec construction, and on-site water retention often requires a higher level of advanced planning to accommodate for unique site conditions. As a result, pursing LEED certification begins even before project plans are drawn. Green Industrial Features As various green projects come on line, a new generation of industrial buildings is being constructed. Standard landscaping elements such as grass berms now are giving way to sustainable features such as bioswales, which are drainage systems that retain water onsite. French drains, which reduce water discharged into sewer systems also are a new sustainable feature for buildings. Meanwhile, interior elements such as • clerestory glass, which provides ambient lighting and requires less energy; • daylighting, which uses strategically placed windows and skylights to provide natural light; • recycled carpet; • non-volatile organic chemical-emitting paints and finishes; and • energy efficient mechanical systems can reduce operational expenses and help earn valuable points for LEED certification.

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You can narrow the search according to the date, warehouse space and city.

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This function helps you compare easily and quickly different warehouses and their parameters.

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